'Truth is always pure, nude, alone.
And there is great beauty, because truth is the very essence of life, existence, nature. Except for man, nobody lies. A rosebush cannot lie. It has to produce roses; it cannot produce marigolds -- it cannot deceive. It is not possible for it to be other than it is. Except for man, the whole existence lives in truth.
Truth is the religion of the whole of existence -- except man.
And the moment a man also decides to become part of existence, truth becomes his religion. It is the glorious moment.'

gold nuggets
message from existence

All you have is this very moment, do not go on postponing


An exquisite collection of 80 nuggets of true and often provocative wisdom on life, love and the world around us. This is not a book of consolations and spiritual platitudes – you will find here thought provoking and perhaps life challenging statements which seem to come directly from existence itself – nagging us not to bypass them, but to let them be strong reminders to wake us from our eternal sleep in unconsciousness.


Everything passes, but you remain. You are the reality; everything else is just a dream. Beautiful dreams are there, nightmares are there... But it does not matter whether it is a beautiful dream or a nightmare; what matters is the one who is seeing the dream.

That seer is the only reality.

The seer is something absolutely eternal.

Just a little glimpse of it and all your problems will start disappearing, because a totally new perspective will arise -- a new vision, a new way of life, a new way of seeing things, seeing people, responding to situations.

And the seer is always present, twenty-four hours day; whatever you are doing or not doing, it is there. It has been there for centuries, for eternity, waiting for you to take note of it.
Perhaps because it has been always there, that's why you have forgotten it. The obvious is always forgotten.

When you are feeling a well-being, euphoria; remember it.

 When you are in misery, in anguish, remember it

In all climates, in all moods -- go on remembering it. Soon you will be able to remain centered in it, there will be no need to remember.
And that is the greatest day in one's life.


There is no need of any war, no need of any fight, no need of jealousy, no need of hate. Life is so short and love is so precious. And when you can fill your life with love, with harmony, with joy, when you can make your life a poetry unto itself.... If you miss, only you are responsible for it, nobody else.

It is only a question of understanding; a simple insight is needed not to be dragged down by the forces of darkness, negativity, destructiveness.

Just a little alertness is needed to devote oneself to creativity, to love, to sensitivity, and to make this small life just a series of songs... that you dance in your life and that your death will be your crescendo of dance; that you live totally and you die totally with no complaint, with gratitude, with thankfulness to existence.


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